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By joining the Charter of Compassion Australia as a partner organisation, your group will co-create a state of compassion with like-minded organisations. The more individual, partners and cities of compassion that are created, working with the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, the more Australia: A Continent for Compassion comes into being.

Benefits for Partner Organisations

Partner organisations are listed on our website and your events, stories and milestones can be included in our newsletter, amplifying your organisation’s work to the broader community.

As part of our Australia-wide partner network, we can help identify and introduce you to like-minded organisations doing work that may compliment your efforts and help foster new relationships and opportunities for collaboration.

Partners are eligible to apply for a leadership role at the Charter for Compassion Australia.

Become A Partner

To become a partner with the Charter for Compassion Australia you simply apply through the International Charter for Compassion website. Once a Partner with Charter for Compassion International, you’re automatically a partner with us!

No financial obligations are incurred as an individual or organization.


The Charter for Compassion focuses on the following twelve sectors.

Religion, Spirituality, Interfaith
Restorative Justice
Science and Research
Social Justice
Social Services
Women and Girls
The International Charter for Compassion website contains useful information, compassion readers, newsletters and reports for each sector.