cfc-educationBrings together academics, clinicians, researchers and students in presentations on the relevance of compassion in today’s world. Read more >




cfc-healthcareA formal collaboration of healthcare partners working across the region to instil compassion in all healthcare relationships and systems. Read more >



Peace and non-violence

cfc-peaceA signature campaign that seeks to build an understanding of the key principles of justice that underpins a peaceful society. Read more >

Science and research

cfc-scienceTo promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion via identifying researchers and others with an interest in the scientific study of compassion and its underlying processes and facilitate communication and interchange between them, supporting research and teaching on compassion in human difficulties, facilitating discussion on how to further promote a compassionate focus in many domains of human activity and engaging in activities and raise funds to support the work and aims of CMFA. Read more >