Science and research

Compassionate Mind Foundation, Australia

To promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion via:

number-oneIdentify researchers and others with an interest in the scientific study of compassion and its underlying processes and facilitate communication and interchange between them

Support research and teaching on compassion in human difficulties

Facilitate discussion on how to further promote a compassionate focus in many domains of human activity

Engage in activities and raise funds to support the work and aims of CMFA


University of Sydney



Contact details

Dr James Bennett Levy

Dr David Roland

Become involved

  • Read CMAs articles, blogs, videos and books on the application of compassion
  • Coontribute to blogs
  • Therapist resources: co-ordination of therapist listings, supervision and chat forums for therapists trained in Compassion Focused therapy and Mindfulness Based Self-Compassion
  • Attend workshops and events across Australia on the application of compassion

Research publications and YouTube presentations


Charter in Australia website

Contact details

Lynne Reeder

Become involved

  • Submit journal and conference articles
  • Upload to YouTube

Calming the Survival Brain in Politics

Link:   calming-the-survival-brain-in-politics