Network Aims

What are the goals of the network?


  • Map and distribute information on the compassion research (and application) occurring within Australia;


  • Bring together Network members by holding at least two ACC Scholars meetings each year;


  • Act as a knowledge portal by distributing the work of the Scholars through conferences and other meetings, and disseminating journal and other scholarly articles via the ACC and BHMB webpages and other public platforms.


  • Share information on how compassion research is being and can be further deployed and applied more effectively in business, health, education and other policy settings;


  • Promote the ACC Scholars Network webpage as the ‘go to site’ for global research centres looking for collaborations with investigation partners in Australia.


  • Develop and distribute media stories and articles on Scholars compassion research.


Prof Felicia Huppert, Director, ACC Scholars Network – Email

Dr Lynne Reeder, National Director, Australian Compassion Council – Email