Asia Pacific Healthcare Hub of Charter for Compassion

A formal collaboration of healthcare partners working across the region to instil compassion in all healthcare relationships and systems.


International Research Centre for Communication in Healthcare (IRCCH), Hong Kong and Sydney


Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of Technology, Sydney

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Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) for medical students at Melbourne University

Compassion Cultivation Training is given to medical students at the University of Melbourne as part of their medical degree.

Some of the student feedback is listed below:

  • I appreciated the concepts of CCT – mindfulness, compassion, common humanity, loving kindness. I benefitted from it greatly as I am more aware of my unmet needs, more open to the idea of self compassion, and more able and willing to show compassion to those close to me. I’m more in tune with other peoples’ behaviour and emotions and am able to draw on CCT skills to respond to them constructively.
  • The course has made me a more compassionate person, not just a compassionate doctor. These skills are valuable in all aspects of life, and allow us to link and experience common humanity. I enjoyed our group discussions and brainstorms. Everyone was free to share a viewpoint in a nurturing environment free from judgement, a welcome change from the gruelling hospital environment.
  • I feel I have benefitted greatly from exploring the themes of compassion, loving kindness, and common humanity, alongside mindfulness. I believe it will improve my interactions with others as I will be more aware of the needs of others, in particular, their unmet needs, and consider how best to address them. The themes of self-compassion and meditation will help me to cope with the stresses of this course and beyond.




The University of Melbourne

Dr Petrina Barson