What We Do

Charter for Compassion Australia currently has 4 main initiatives listed below.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved in any of these initiatives or have ideas about other ways to bring more compassion into daily and community life. View upcoming events.

Launch of Australia: A Continent for Compassion

Australia: A Continent for Compassion will be formally launched via a series of coordinated events across Australia on 21 September 2021. That particular day has been chosen as it coincides with the United Nations Day of Peace. A project group will be established to plan and oversee the details of this launch.

National Day of Compassion

Each year an annual day of compassion will be held across Australia. This day will provide an intentional opportunity for all Australians to engage in expressing compassion.


Australian Compassionate Cities

Compassionate cities provide a visible presence for engaging council-wide communities to come together to recognise and respond to the need for human interaction and alleviation of suffering, in innovative and meaningful ways. More info…

Compassion Action Network

The Compassion Action Network encourages grassroots gatherings of people to host conversations on how compassion can be implemented in their work and community lives. View our Strategic Plan.

We have a Resource Kit for people who would like to host a compassion conversation.

View upcoming events.