Get involved

You can be a part of the Compassion Movement, in your city, local sectors, projects, the Compassion Games, sharing stories, signing the Charter for Compassion, using the Community Tool Box, volunteering with local groups, and partnering with us.


We understand that serving one another is essential to a healthy community and we know to succeed in developing a resilient and sustainable world, we are required to give a little more of ourselves so we all can thrive.

Join our Facebook page as we also post events, initiatives and activities throughout Australia.

Community collaboration

At the heart of a Compassionate City exists collaboration and cooperation. It’s in the value of collective impact that we can amplify the voices and efforts of what is already happening in each city.

We do not want to recreate a project or an initiative. We are asking you to bring forth your efforts so together we can weave collective solutions to our interrelated challenges.

We need one another to make a more compassionate, safe and harmonious Australia.


Do you want to make your school a School of Compassion?

When we start with our children, we create a culture of peace and altruism that’s imbedded in their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives.

Schools can adopt the Charter for Compassion or the students can write their own and hold it high as their commitment to co-creating a world that is healthy, resilient, fair, and compassionate.