What you can do

With all of the negativity and turmoil around the planet today, sometimes it seems impossible that one person can do much to create a more compassionate world.  But, the Compassion Movement has been built on the talents, treasures and passion of every single individual who contributes to it.

Every city, school, business, social and environmental impact organisation and individual and their unique methodology, model, vision and goals are essential to the a thriving and healthy community.  A Compassionate City campaign initiative provides the platform for all these sectors to work arm in arm with their unique focus for a common solution.

What can you do?  You might first start by just taking some time to look inward and consider how your life could be used to bring compassion to others.  Meditation 101 might be a good place to begin….

We welcome volunteers and love interns!

Start a campaign in your city, area, business, school or university. Contact us and we will help you get started.