Goals and impacts

The Campaign for Compassionate Communities has produced viable results that can be attributed to the Charter for Compassion. In cities and communities around the globe, those involved in Compassion initiatives have worked on community service, anti-bullying, homelessness, healthcare, restorative justice and education efforts. The Charter’s Community Tool Box presented in this section of the website is a way to offer more help to cities, regions, communities and other organisations as they seek to fully develop as compassionate entities.

Goals and impacts

To energise, broaden and deepen the compassionate communities network with active outreach and playing host to current projects, efforts and initiatives.

To help our members feel connected to one another in common cause and to feel supported by a network of organisations that offer support and services.

To link community partners and their work and needs in one place in the world with partners in another area of the world that can help each with their efforts to bring compassion to their communities.

To make available connections to cutting edge research and tools by partnering with groups able to provide these.

To increase the Charter’s role and effectiveness as a network by hosting events, training, conference calls and providing forums for resource exchange.